Based on our feedback survey from previous the Open Space edition:

100% of participants recommend this event.

100% of participants would like to attend other EUF events.

94% of participants built useful contacts.

See a few of the reasons why:


“It is one of the most interesting and useful workshops on internationalisation I've ever attended.” - Open Space participant 2018

“Relaxed schedule, very prepared and professional trainers/speakers; interesting, stimulating and informative content.”  - Open Space participant 2018

“I was able to learn a lot in a very short period of time.”  - Open Space participant 2018

“The venue was wonderful, the lectures and group work were very good and the staff was very helpful. This was of a great benefit to me.” - Open Space participant 2017

“I felt so challenged and appreciated in the same time during the event. Everything was there to improve skills, to learn more, to get update/first-hand information and to feel supported professionally, socially and personally. These circumstances are perfect to incubate brilliant ideas.” - Open Space participant 2017

“Very professional, planned event, very warm welcome and friendly staff during the event, highly competent speakers’ - Open Space participant 2016

“It is friendly and at the same time fruitful” - Open Space participant 2016

“Let's continue joint activities!” - Open Space participant 2015

EUF Open Space 2015

Key dates

3 - 5 July, 2019

Registration until: 03/06/2019

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